Lectrosonics VRS/E01
  • Lectrosonics VRS/E01

Lectrosonics VRS/E01

Lectrosonics VRS/E01

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Standard receiver module for VRMWB


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Receiver Modules

The VRS standard module has fixed front-end filters that cover its 25.5 MHz tuning range. 

The modules are a triple conversion, frequency synthesized design, controlled by the microprocessor in the host assembly. A common DSP in the host
assembly is used for all six receiver modules to decode the received signals and restore the digital audio. Using a single DSP results in a significant reduction in cost per channel.

The host assembly will handle up to six receiver modules via multi-pin connectors on the side of the main housing. The modules are held in place with snap-in retaining clips. The clips hold the modules firmly but are easy to remove without tools to make needed changes.

Hardware Installation

VRS and VRT receiver modules can be mixed in the same chassis. For ratio diversity operation, both modules in the pair must be on the same frequency block and positioned in the assembly in keeping with the OPTI-BLEND labeling on top of the chassis housing.

All modules must be within the frequency passband of the host assembly. Frequency blocks are marked on the receiver module and chassis housings. 

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