Sound Devices MixPre-10M

Sound Devices MixPre-10M

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10-input, 12-track audio recorder, mixer and USB audio interface simplifies music creation with built-in features including overdub, remix, reverb, and other musician-centric tools


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Ideal for song creation, rehearsal and live performance, the MixPre-10M acts as a high-performance portable studio for musicians to capture their songs and ideas anytime and anywhere inspiration grabs them. Incorporating the core functionality of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), the MixPre-10M is intuitive to allow musicians to focus on creating songs without letting technology get in the way. The MixPre-10M is the newest member of the renowned MixPre Series (MixPre-3, MixPre-6 & MixPre-10T) of audio recorders, mixers, and USB audio interfaces.

Some of the key features of the MixPre-10M include:

  • Exceptional audio quality – featuring eight, ultra-low-noise Kashmir mic preamps handcrafted by Sound Devices. These preamps feature discrete, Class-A components with analog limiters offering musicians and songwriters the highest quality, distortion-free, musically-lush audio recordings.

  • Musician’s toolkit – the MixPre-10M has the ability to simultaneously record, playback, mix, monitor, layer, and overdub up to 12 tracks, with the bounce feature helping to free up additional tracks. Other features include vintage reverb and vocal air effects, metronome, punch in and out, and the ability to insert and locate to cue points.

  • Mixer for live performance – offering 10 channels of mixing, the MixPre-10M is also ideal for small live performances or submixer duties. Use as a portable mixer to feed directly into a PA and adjust levels, or playback pre-prepared multi-channel backing tracks for solo performers.

  • Easy file sharing – musicians can export their mix to an SD card, USB thumbdrive, or to a computer as a stereo WAV or AAC file, which is ideal for emailing or uploading to music sharing platforms such as SoundCloud.
  • Anytime, anywhere powering - featuring a convenient detachable sled of eight AA batteries (Lithium or NiMH rechargeable recommended). The MixPre-10M can also be powered via a locking 4-pin connector for either external battery powering or AC-powering (with included AC adapter), or via an optional sled that offers powering from up to two hot-swappable Sony L-Mount Li-Ion batteries.
  • Versatile I/O routing – offering eight balanced XLR/TRS combo Mic/Line level inputs (each with 96dB of 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input, and four USB inputs from a MAC or PC. The MixPre-10M’s two balanced outputs, two unbalanced outputs, and stereo HP output can be configured to provide multiple monitoring options.
  • Made-for-the-road design – nearly the size of a tablet, the MixPre-10M weighs in at two pounds and measures an ultra-compact 1.375” x 8.125” x 6.875”. Like all Sound Devices products, the MixPre-10M is extremely durable. Constructed with a die-cast aluminum chassis, it is both lightweight and incredibly robust making it the ultimate road companion for musicians.

XL-WPH3, Power Supply (included)

MX-8AA, Battery Sled (included)

MX-LMount, L-Mount Battery Sled (optional)

SAM-32SD, 32GB SD/HC-Card (optional)

XL-2, TA3-F to XLR-M male cable; 25-inch (optional)

(batteries not included)

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