• VT100B/O (TA3F/TA4F/TA5F/Sony 3.5mm)

VT SWITCH (TA3F/TA4F/TA5F/Sony 3.5mm)

VT SWITCH (TA3F/TA4F/TA5F/Sony 3.5mm)

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VT SWITCH Lightweight Omni Headworn Microphone

Switch to Switch - quick changes for the theatre stage

with: TA3F (for AKG oder TA4F (for Mipro/Shure/Sabine) or TA5F (fr Lectrosonics SMB&SMDB/UM&LM Series) or 3.5mm SONY locking (for Sennheiser Evolution Series/SONY)


VT Switch features a screw thread enabling quick and effortless changing of the microphone capsule.

With this technology, the capsule can easily be changed even when the actor or actress is already costumed and made up. The neckband stays in place, only the capsule is being changed. It is also possible to switch the polar pattern from omnidirectional to the optional cardioid microphone. Whether a change in the circumstances demands a switch of polar patterns or a microphone is obstructed by make up – the VT Switch makes changing and switching easy.

Through its lightweight yet robust construction and its options for adjusting it to certain actresses and actors, the VT Switch becomes an outstanding microphone for theatre, opera and musical. For additional reliability, a redundant lavalier microphone can be integrated as a fallback solution.

The VT Switch comes with a light and sturdy zip case and windscreen.

► Colors: Punkt beige Rand Kopie

► Generating Element: Omni

► switchable capsules

► perfect size for everyone

Application area: Theatre - Opera - Musical

Data sheet

Generating Element:
Electret Condenser
Frequency Range:
50Hz- 20 kHz
Polar pattern:
Noise Level:
31.5dB “A” weighted
-44dB ±3dB re 1V/microbar (6mV/Pa)
Max. Input SPL:
1.5 kOhm
1.3V to 10V (max.)
Length 1.2m (59") Ø 2mm
bitte auswählen passend zur Funkstrecke

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