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Lectrosonics>IEM (Wireless Monitor System)

IEM (Wireless Monitor System)

Lectrosonics HHA
Lectrosonics M2T/E01

Digital IEM Transmitter with Dante™ Interface  

CHF 2'935.00

Lectrosonics HHA
Lectrosonics M2TND/E01

Digital IEM Transmitter   

CHF 2'599.00

Lectrosonics M2R
Lectrosonics M2R

IEM (Wireless Monitor) receiver with digital RF

CHF 1'369.00

Lectrosonics RMPM2T-1

Single Rack Hardware-Kit for M2T Digital Transmitter

CHF 109.00

Lectrosonics FMAKM2T

Front mount antenna-kit for M2T Digital Transmitters (incl. Single Rack Hardware-Kit for M2T Digital Transmitter)

CHF 179.00